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How are Loom Room Rug's Made? Our process is done entirely in-house, making each rug unique. Here's a look into the process of making your limited edition rugs.

Step 1: Design - All rugs start with a drawing, and color swatches


Step 2: Measuring the warp - The warp that will become the under structure for your rug is measured, tied, and chained, ready to go on the loom.


Step 3: Warping the Loom - All of the yarn that was just measured in step 2 is warped on the loom by hand and tensioned


Step 4: Handweaving starts - Your rug is hand woven in Portland Oregon at the Loom Room studio on a 4 harness floor loom. It takes between 12 and 15 hours from start to finish to hand weave your rug.


Step 5: Finishing - Once your rug is woven, it's cut off the loom, the hem is folded under for sewing and finishing, and the tag is put in. Since each rug is part of a very small edition (usually 1 to 4) they are hand numbered on the tag.


Step 6: Finished!: Once your rug is finished it's packed up in tissue and mailed off to it's new home!